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James Altman

James Altman Biography And wiki

James Altman is an American minister from the Wisconsin church who is best known as Father James Altman. Recently, Altman asked to resign, but he has refused. He said that Fr. James Altman will fight for the truth. “They want my head now, for speaking the truth.”

Fr. Altman, who is a priest of the Diocese of La Crosse who published a viral video statement that Catholics cannot be Democrats, said that his bishop has asked him to resign as pastor.

James Altman Age Birthday

Father James Altman was born in 1980 in the United States. Altman’s age and birthday are publicly not available. We will update this section once this information is available.

James Altman Height

Altman stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

James Altman Education

Altman’s education details are not clear to the public. We are keeping tabs, and we shall update this section as soon as the information is available.

James Altman Family

Altman was born and raised by her parents in the USA. Our efforts to find out more about his family came to no avail as no such information is publicly available. Thus, the identity of Father Altman’s parents is still unclear. It is also not known if he has any siblings. We will update this section once this information is available.

James Altman Wife

Most Catholic fathers do not get married. Altman has not gone public with his relationship, it is not publicly known whether he is married or in a relationship. His partner’s information will be updated as soon as the information is available.

James Altman Net Worth

Father’s Altman net worth is publicly not available. His primary source of income is his career as a priest. Through his various sources of income, we believe that James has been able to accumulate a good net worth but prefers to keep it private. We will update this section once this information is available.

James Altman Priest

Father James is a RIGHT Wing minister of Wisconsin Church. He was asked to resign, but he resisted resigning and said he will fight for the truth.

Fr James Altman Homily

Altman has raised over $100,000 for legal fees. Fr. Altman reported in his Pentecost homily on 23 May 2021 that Bishop William. Because they do not want their children to wear masks in school.

Father James Altman Sermons

Altman told Massgoers 23 May 2021 that Bishop William P. Callahan has asked him to resign because he is “divisive” and “ineffective.” Altman told his congregants that he is being singled out for preaching “the truth” about “all the evil that confronts us”. He has been making headlines as well as stirring controversy since last fall with provocative comments from the pulpit.

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The priest has criticized Catholics who are Democrats, saying they must “repent” of their support for the party or “face the fires of hell.”

In a statement issued on 24 May 2021, the Diocese of La Crosse noted Father Altman made public Bishop Callahan’s request he resigns and his intent to decline the request.”

“As a result, the Diocese of La Crosse will respond in accordance to the canonical process as needed for the removal of a priest from his office as a pastor,” it said, adding, “It is important to note that this is not a penal remedy but a pastoral remedy.”

The diocese said that “during the past year, concerns have been expressed related to” Father Altman’s ministry, and Bishop Callahan and canonical representatives “have worked to fraternally and privately address those concerns.”

“The process has been pastoral and administrative with a desire toward a just resolution among all parties,” the statement said.

Altman said that while it was “very unintended,” “my effort at preaching the truth somehow has gone viral over the past 11 months,” and brought in many donations from around the globe for the parish, enabling the parish to get a new roof for the school and church, among other things, and raising the parish’s portion of the diocesan appeal from “just $53,000 my first year here to over $100,000.”

“I am not the divisive one. I am not the ineffective one. I am not the one disrespecting my office,” he said. “They (the bishops) have done a great job being divisive (and) ineffective … without any help from me and that is why they despise me because that is the truth and the truth hurts.”

Who is James Altman?

Father James Altman is a well-known right-winged pastor from Wisconsin Church. He resigned from this post after a long conversation regarding Covid-19. Fr. Altman is famous for his works in Covid-19 as well as speaking about the current situation and talks about social distancing.

How old is James Altman?

Altman is an American national born in 1980 in Bronx LA.

How tall is Altman?

Altman stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Is Altman married?

Details about Father James Altman’s love life are still under review. We will let you know when he gets in a relationship or when we discover helpful information about his love life.

How much is James Altman worth?

Father James Altman has not yet revealed his net worth. We will update this section when we get and verify information about the wealth and properties under his name.

Where does Altman live?

Altman is a resident of Wisconsin, USA, we shall upload pictures of his house as soon as we have them.

Is Altman dead or alive?

Father Altman is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is Altman Now?

Father James Altman ordered to step down from his position after he made negative comments about the COVID-19 vaccine. Altman, the pastor of the St. James the Less Roman Catholic Church in La Crosse, made the announcement to report that he was asked to leave his role during his sermon.

The sermon, which was recorded and posted to YouTube, found Altman claiming that “the left” was trying to “cancel” him after the Diocese of La Crosse asked him to resign.

“If the left whines like they do like a spoiled brat often enough, they succeed in canceling so many voices of truth,” he said. “And now that they are whining like, if I may say it, the pansy babies that they are to cancel me.”

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